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Countdown to RSS2015 in Rome!

Tomorrow the main conference will start, followed by two more days of workshops. I was involved in the organization since last year, my first experience in the “backend” of an international conference, and I really could not imagine how much work and time it takes! All the volunteers are ready, people from all over the world are coming to Rome.

Wish us good luck 🙂


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Using ROS Indigo on a Raspberry Pi2/Banana Pi is no longer an hard procedure, but still it’s a tedious and long task.

There is an excellent tutorial on the Ros Wiki (link) to install step-by-step the whole Ros infrastructure on the Pi. Following such procedure needs a couple of hours ( five or more on the first raspberry!) on the Pi2 or on the Banana, so i decided to share our master image.

The idea is to provide some images ROS-ready. At the moment I’m not really sure if there is a clear performances advantage between the ROS (core parts!) binaries from the armhf repository with respect to the compiled version from sources but I’ll investigate.

In the meantime we are using different kind of images for different tasks (on board computer, teaching, demos…) so, why not sharing them? 🙂

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